HOW is based on behaviorism, a psychological model defined from scientific studies.
Behaviorism is an accomplished tool enabling efficient self-management and team collaboration.

Human learning theories developed by the scientific community in the field of behaviorism are key enablers that, if assimilated and used, will give individuals more potential in managing their surrounding. We learn from textbooks but also through experience. It is therefore useful to understand the theory of learning that shape our skills and our life.

  • In reference to the behaviorism equation, we work on different sequences that characterize our modus operandi.
  • We trigger changes in perception allowing us to reconsider our thoughts. This opens the door to new emotions and alternative comportments.
  • Our tools allow understanding how our behavior works and turning irrational thoughts that inhibit professional efficiency into rational and constructive actions.
  • We confront the individual to reality as a lever to change counter-productive beliefs.
  • Coaching efficiency depends on their practical use: our irrational believes can only be challenged with experience.
  • An employer expects results from their employees and a performing behavior but does not have access to their thoughts and beliefs. Confidential on-on-one sessions will allow HOW to access them.
  • It is upstream, at the level of perceptions, thoughts, beliefs that emotional intelligence is being defined


HOW organizes programs centered on experience and implements functional changes both at the individual and group level.

The strategy of Seminar takes care of specific participants needs and makes sure of their motivations by means of individual preparatory interviews.

We obtain profound changes by combining seminars and individual coaching. This enables to organizational behavior in groups theory and techniques in …
Beyond observations in seminars, we use quantitative metrics in our evaluation tools (whose validity has been recognized in the scientific literature as opposed to many other tools used by our competitors). These evaluations act catalyses our understanding of people function within an organization.

The notion of change is by definition over a period of time. Follow-ups are a necessity.

In physics, power is work per unit of time. Using constant power, time will result in more work.